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The Mid-Florida Chapter is one of the strongest chapters in the Aluminum Association for Florida.  It has had three past state presidents, numerous officers and committee chairmen.  The Mid-Florida Chapter includes one of six recipients of the Aluminary Award, the highest honor given in Aluminum Association of Florida.  We host the annual golf tournament and trade show every year.  We are very well represented at the Florida state meetings and have a strong voice in the association.  We meet once a month to discuss issues that are affecting our industry.  We also keep close relationships with all local building departments.  The Mid-Florida Chapter regulates our own industry to insure all consumers feel confident in our products and services.  We welcome all licensed contractors to join us in guiding our industry to continued greatness.

Join the Mid Florida Chapter NOW (Includes the counties of Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard and Volusia)
Chapter dues are only $250 per year.


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Aluminum Association of Florida


AAF Code of Ethics

As a member of the Aluminum Association of Florida, I will:

1. Promote respect by actions which reflect favorably upon our industry and my company.
2. Design and build according to good engineering practices.
3. Maintain all applicable licenses and insurance.
4. Contribute to the public health, safety, and welfare by complying with all applicable building codes, ordinances and regulations.
5. Truthfully represent only bonafide products and services.
6. Fulfill completely contractual and moral obligations, keeping my agreements in letter and spirit.
7. Affirm and encourage the American free enterprise system in our industry.
8. Conduct business in a professional manner, never demeaning the actions of others.
9. Use the name and logo of the Association as a means of showing my affiliation with AAF is a privilege of membership.
10. I agree that if my membership is terminated, I will immediately cease and desist all such usage and forfeit remaining dues. (No refund of dues will be given.)